K Waddington & Sons – Case Study


K Waddington & Sons Roofing Contractors Ltd is a roofing contractor with over 40 years’ extensive experience in the roofing industry, fully conversant in all aspects of slating and tiling from small repairs to new build and refurbishments including full strip and recovers, carrying out work for the private, industrial and commercial developers.

Working for major house- builders, the company has to achieve third party accreditations and ensure all roofers comply with health & safety rules for the site.

By appointing Broadgate Safety Consultants Limited to undertake site health & safety inspections and to assist with risk assessments and the completion of accreditation scheme submissions, K Waddington & Sons Roofing Contractors Ltd continues to work successfully in the demanding construction industry.


Several of the company’s clients have accreditation to CHAS or SMAS as a requirement for all of their contractors. They also require all site workers to receive annual asbestos awareness training and for site specific risk assessments and method statements (RAMS) to be provided for each site.

Compliance with site rules is mandatory and the senior management team needed some confidence that workers based on numerous sites around Yorkshire are following all safety instructions.

Although K Waddington Roofing is highly experienced in the construction business, it does not have its own health & safety qualified person and so need the support of an external health & safety advisor.


Broadgate Safety Consultants Limited has several years’ experience working with K Waddington Roofing and is familiar with the construction techniques on site, the tasks carried out by the roofers and the demands of the clients. A robust but realistic approach was required to ensure health & safety standards are met and all parties can work productively together.

An annual programme of site visits with additional work such as training, risk assessments and third party accreditations was agreed to meet the needs of the company.


Annual asbestos awareness training sessions are delivered to ensure all employees are trained in asbestos hazards and how to avoid them.

Face Fit Testing is periodically carried out on each roofer to ensure the dust masks provided fit correctly.

A suite of RAMSs was produced that can be made site specific for each project. The scope of the RAMSs is being constantly extended as new processes and equipment are introduced.

The allocated health & safety consultant offers advice and assistance with the annual CHAS accreditation process.

Broadgate Safety Consultants Limited acts as the external competent health & safety advisor to the company providing on- going support and assistance with specific issues.

Monthly site inspections are carried out and findings reported back to the senior management. The health & safety consultant represents K Waddington Roofing during the inspections enhancing the professional standing of the company.


Regular visits by an allocated consultant have allowed Broadgate Safety Consultants Limited to become part of the team, well recognised by the site workers.

The support offered on an on-going basis has allowed the company to repeatedly receive annual third party accreditations and to be accepted as a trusted contractor to major house builders.

Conclusion/Next Steps

It is through continually monitoring site activities, reviewing risk assessment and policies and ensuring the competence of the workforce that K Waddington & Sons Roofing Contractors Ltd will continue to improve and succeed in the challenging construction sector.

What They Say

“We have worked with Broadgate Safety Consultants for several years. They always respond immediately to our needs and continually offer support through their in-depth knowledge of our industry. We are happy for them to meet our clients and inspect our sites at any time because we know they will be very professional and competent”.

Andy White, Contractors Director