Excel Laminating – Case Study


Excel Laminating is UK’s leading supplier of pre-decorated, raw plasterboard and gypsum systems to the offsite building industry. The company recently moved to new larger and more modern premises and at the same time underwent a management re-structure. The task in hand was to ensure the premises, the workplace machinery and the process activities complied with legislation as a minimum standard while supporting the new Senior Tem Leaders into the new roles.

There has been great success through a close working relationship with the senior management team and the Senior Team Leaders. Excel now has excellent systems for risk assessments, staff training and statutory examinations of the machinery in the factory, all wholly relevant and bespoke for the new premises. There is a culture of involvement and personal responsibility at Excel with Senior Team Leaders holding monthly health & safety meetings and the entire workforce being encouraged to contribute to raising safety standards.


Excel Laminating was to move the entire operation from an ageing factory building into new premises several miles away with as little disruption to production as possible. At the same time there was a change in management structure moving away from a single Production Manager to a team of three Senior Team Leaders responsible for several Team Leaders. Against this background of change and new roles and responsibilities, health & safety standards had to be maintained.

The senior management team were aware of the scale of this challenge and so looked for support that was competent to assist with the challenge but also shared Excel Laminating’s vision of high and ever improving standards.


Broadgate Safety Consultants Limited was appointed to undertake an initial review of the whole business and to produce an action plan for addressing any shortcomings identified. This action plan is now reviewed and updated on a monthly basis as new issues are identified or actions are addressed.

The workplace machinery risk assessments were updated for the new premises and operatives were retrained in the assessments and the machinery process sheets.

A format for the monthly Senior Team Leaders’ Health & Safety meeting was agreed and a consultant sits in periodically to ensure the meetings are productive and actions are being followed through.

A calendar of statutory examinations and inspections was drawn up and made available to the senior management team and the Senior Team Leaders so that all equipment has in-date certification and is serviced at the right time.

The allocated consultant for Excel Laminating has become part of the team and offers on- going support in addition to the monthly visits, supporting the company ethos of continual improvement in all areas of the business.

The hands- on proactive and supportive service offered by Broadgate Safety Consultants Limited was a perfect fit for the team at Excel Laminating.


A programme of monthly visits was decided upon with specific work to be carried out at each visit agreed beforehand so time on site can be very productive. Additional visits can be arranged for specific reasons such as to be present when the insurers’ risk surveyors carried out their routine inspection.


Health & safety is now recognised as an essential part of all workplace operations and everybody’s responsibility by all levels of the workforce. The paperwork systems set up by the consultant allow all team members access to relevant documentation when they need it, giving them the confidence to take responsibility for health & safety decisions without always referring to their consultant.

Conclusion/Next Steps

Although great levels of success have been achieved already, Excel Laminating is committed to maintaining and building on this success. Regular monitoring visits by the consultant will ensure standards do not slip and input will be required to identify opportunities for implementing further improvements across the business.